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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ includes a wide range of answers about the site from how to use it effectively to specific details about individual modules. For any additional questions, please email

Getting Started
What does the site do?
Why is keeping a Personal Health Record for my child important?
What kind of health information should I put in my child’s Personal Health Record?
When should I start entering information on my child’s health?
How do I use the information I gather?
How can I obtain copies of children’s previous health records?
How much does YourChildsHealthRecord cost to use?
Adding Information
Can my doctor add information into my child’s health record directly if I give him permission?
Can I give someone else access to my child’s information if I choose?
Why do I need to fill out a health record for my child if they are healthy?
Health Summary
What information do I include in the Health Summary?
How do I fill out information in the Health Checks section 1 week – 4 years ?
Do I have to fill out the parents questions?
What health conditions or issues can I monitor for my child?
What do I use custom monitoring for?
What information do I enter into conditions?
In the drop down menu for allergies, you don’t include the allergy my child has? How do I add it in?
Dental Information
Can I add in dental information?
How do I know which immunisation my child needs and how do I get reminders ?
How do I enter new and old immunisation information for my child?
I don’t live in NSW so where do I find out about different states’ immunisation schedule? Will you be putting on the site      soon?
Adding a new child
How do I add a new child?
Is there a limit to how many children I can add to the site?
Family History
What parts of my family history are most relevant to include on my child’s health record?
My child is adopted so what information should I include in this section?
I don’t have any history from my husband or his immediate family? Is that a problem?
Useful Contacts
What contacts should I put in this section?
Uploading & Images
Do I have to put a picture of my child on the website?
Can I upload photos and documents?
Do I need to include my own photo on this page ?
Can I print out the records?
Privacy and Security
Is the site secure ?
How does YourChildsHealthRecord protect the privacy of my health information?
Customer Service
Can I talk to a customer service person if I am having problems?
Where do I go if I can't find the information I need on your Web site?
The Site
Who created
How is the site Funded?

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Last Updated: 04 February 2010